15. Jun, 2021


That done we came back to the vehicle for lunch before visiting the Grace Darling Museum across the road from the church. These activities I might add were planned for a couple of days time, but here we were doing them today to fill in some time.

After lunch we went across to the museum. It was free and interesting and included the actual boat Grace and her father used for that daring rescue. Whilst in there and admiring the pictures of the rescue I had to scratch my head as to how they could differ, and then I came up with an explanation.

These days we have press photographers everywhere recording life's events and dramas, all of them pushing and shoving to record the best image.

Cast our minds back then to the 1800's when this dramatic rescue needed to be recorded and yet the camera had yet to be invented. Only artists had the ability to do so.

I suggest that when Grace and her father set out in their rowing boat, a number of other boats joined them crewed by the strongest and best oarsmen available for hire. Each boat was carrying an artist who probably had his erected easel roped to the boat and a canvas attached to it. As the story unfolded the artists scribbled away with charcoal followed by a palette of oil paint to compete the picture. Those who had chosen to paint in watercolour would have been unsuccessful as the waves and spray continually washed the paint off the canvas. The most successful artists probably didn't use an easel and instead scribbled and painted on to a canvas resting on their laps.