16. Jun, 2021


WEDNESDAY 16-06-21

Neither of us had a very good night. This morning we established that both of us were awake at 02:30 listening to a couple of songbird-types communicating with each other, whilst hanging on very firmly to their tree branches as the wind was blowing quite strongly.

Today's plan was to get cracking, unhooked, and down the road two and a half miles to Bamburgh as we had tickets to visit the castle. Our intension was to grab a parking space in the large public car park which had a number of dedicated motorhome parking spaces. However on the way there we talked ourselves out of it and instead would park in the overflow car park which was much more chilled and required only a donation in the honesty box, which to our minds was preferable to having to pay through the nose for a parking ticket to stick in the window and then spend our time clock-watching.

We were the first to arrive in the car park at about 09:15. I did originally park just over the wall from Grace Darling's grave but later moved back to create a second row so that the motorhome wouldn't spoil visitors photographs of the grave.

We wandered towards the bottom of the driveway up to the castle arriving at about 09:45 and joined the back of the short queue for the headmasters office. At exactly 10:00 we were permitted to make our way to the top and have the emails on our phones checked before being allowed in. To be fair the staff did apologise for the fact that they were still in a bit of  mess as they still had a lot of gear laying around from the film crew involved in 'Indiana Jones & the Care Home of Gloom'. By then we had already established that the barbed wire erected on the walls either side of the driveway was proper wire but the barbs were in fact rubber.

The tour was most enjoyable I have to say, and I was pleased for The Chef, as this was somewhere she particularly wanted to visit. I was surprised to learn that the castle is privately owned by the Armstrong family - Lord Armstrong to be precise, a descendant of William Armstrong a leading inventor and philanthropist, and later the family were part of business exploits like Armstrong Siddeley motor cars.