16. Jun, 2021


We'd completed the visit in about two and a half hours and so decided we'd have lunch there before having a walk along the beach. The refreshments weren't cheap with a sausage roll costing £3.50. Never mind, we bagged a picnic table outside and enjoyed our lunch, telling ourselves that we'd saved a lot of money on parking fees and could therefore afford to splash out.

The original plan was for us to return to the motorhome for lunch before dressing for a walk along the beach, but there we were walking along the enormous and beautiful Bamburgh beach squinting like a Chinaman because of the bright sunshine beating down on us.

After our most enjoyable walk we made our way back to the motorhome then the campsite, visiting the dump station first where we got rid of our grey water and took on some fresh. The Chef said that she didn't think the waste water would drain away properly. I said I couldn't care less, I didn't design it, we were in the right place, doing the right thing and if it drained off to where it shouldn't that wasn't our problem.

Parked back on our pitch I hooked us back up again and we got the chairs out and enjoyed relaxing for a while.

In the news Boris the Clown has indeed extended lockdown until July 19th, and it looks as if he's bottled it regarding Andrew Lloyd Webber's threat to ignore the law and open his theatres to full-capacity audiences on 21st June by considering making his new production of 'Cinderella' a special case and using it as a test for opening up more venues to full capacity. This I understand, has made Leroy Carr-Parker really mad as he was looking forward to having his own bitch to play with for 28 days.

And Oxfam have sacked a few people who were careless enough to get found out using prostitutes, issuing death threats and committing fraud in the Democratic Republic of Congo. That's on top of their shenanigans in Haiti. Good to know that so much of our inflated Foreign Aid budget is being given to such respectable organisations to squander on our behalf.

Tomorrow is a bit of a free day before we move off on Friday, so I think we'll get some chores done as well as going for a hike, and hopefully a visit to nearby Budle Bay.