19. Jun, 2021


Alnwick Castle is now synonymous with the Harry Potter movies, the books having been written by A J Rowling

Poor old A J has been getting a real beasting over the past few months for her challenging the term 'People who mensturate' rather than use the proper word 'women'. The Stonewall charity, originally set up with good intentions to promote the gay and transgender population has lost it's way and appears to have been hijacked by ring-nosed man-hating zealots. This group now seek at every turn to eradicate freedom of speech surrounding trans issues. More than that, woke government departments are actively encouraging and paying for this group of misfits to lecture and 'educate' normal well balanced employees regarding transgender issues.

I quote from various recent press releases:

1.    Teachers should drop the terms boys and girls in favour of “learners”, and mix up the sexes in PE classes, Stonewall has told schools.

The controversial LGBT charity is urging teachers to ditch all gendered language and gendered uniforms and suggests that children should compete against the opposite sex in sport.

A series of guidance documents state that uniform policies should "give the option to wear a skirt as well as the option to wear trousers". One of Stonewall’s guides said that its work in primary schools was funded by the Government Equalities Office.

Stonewall advises school staff that they should: “Avoid dividing learners by gender, whether in the classroom (you could divide them by their favourite colour, month of birth or something else) or through uniform, sports activities or other aspects of school life.”
Stonewall has advised organisations to replace the term mother with “parent who has given birth” to help boost their ranking on an equality leaderboard, The Telegraph can reveal. 

2.       The controversial charity has advised employers wishing to be included on their Workplace Equality Index that they must remove all gendered language, and allow those who self-identify as a woman to use female toilets and changing rooms.

The Ministry of Justice – which comes in fifth in the leadership board – has admitted that its HR policies have in recent years been updated to include non-gendered language and in some internal documents terms mother and father had been removed.

The Home Office, MI6, the British Army, the Department for International Trade, the Government Legal Department and the House of Commons all also appear in the top 100 on Stonewall’s Workplace Equality Index.

3.     Midwives have been told to stop using terms including "breastfeeding" and “breastmilk” as part of a new trans-friendly policy at an NHS trust.

Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals (BSUH) NHS Trust is the first in the country to formally implement a gender inclusive language policy for its maternity services department — which will now be known as "perinatal services".

Staff have been told to avoid using the word “mothers” on its own and have been given a list of alternative terms to use when addressing patients including "mothers or birthing parents", "breast/chestfeeding" and "maternal and parental".

Instead of saying "breastmilk", they can choose from "human milk" or "breast/chestmilk" or "milk from the feeding mother or parent".

The language changes will be implemented in the trust's webpages, leaflets and communications such as letters and emails. Staff will be asked to use language which reflects people's "own identities and preferences" when talking to patients.

Other changes include replacing the use of the word "woman" with the phrase "woman or person", and the term "father" with "parent", "co-parent" or "second biological parent", depending on the circumstances.

There has been fierce debate around attempts to reduce the use of the word woman in discussion around subjects including pregnancy and childbirth, and any move to do so has provoked ire from some feminists.

I have my own views and this seems to be an appropriate time to share them because I'm really am fed up the continued attempts to undermine our freedon of speech and impose on us all woke terms in an attempt to change our English language for ever.

I believe everybody has a right to be happy, and to be treated with respect. We are who we are, and if you feel uncomfortable in the body you were born in then fine, call yourself something else, or whatever makes you happy. However there are limits.

My simple analogy would be, if I were to go out and buy a car like the Ford Capri, I may be happy with it for a while but then wish to make it look different by adding new body panels and extras. With any luck I may get it to look like an Aston Martin, and that may make me happy. But the fact is – it won’t be an Aston Martin. It may look like an Aston Martin, but underneath it’s still a Ford Capri with some alterations. And it’s a Ford Capri because that was how it was made, that’s how it rolled off the production line, and no amount of alterations will ever make it an Aston Martin. The same applies to transgender people. They may have been born a man for example, but wish they were a woman, and if behaving like a woman and living like a woman makes them happy, then fine, good for them, they should have a right to do that. Just don’t expect me to accept that they’re a woman. I’m afraid they’ll always be a man with alterations, no matter how good or expensive those alterations are. I’m afraid just like that Ford Capri; no matter how much work they have done they can’t change how they came off the production line.

Maybe society needs to find new nouns to represent transgender people, and that community should be the people to choose those names, so for example word ?????1 could be used to describe those who were born as males but who wish to live their lives as females, whilst word ?????2 could be used for women who wish to live their lives as a man. That just leaves the confused and indecisive - the I-want-the-best-of-both-world's 'Gender Fluid's. I suppose they'll have to come up with noun ????????3 for them. That way everybody has a 'label' identifying their 'Preferred Gender Lifestyle'.

Hopefully then folk who are or transitioned can then be happy being a Ford Capri, whilst doing their best to look and perform like an Aston Martin