1. Sep, 2021


WEDNESDAY 01-09-21

Well I have to say, that was a very pleasant crossing to Spain. We sailed on Brittany Ferries 'Galicia' which was new last year, so is still in pristine condition. We were very lucky in being allocated a cabin designed for passengers with disabilities. We had booked the trip so long ago that we fully expected the cabin number to be changed nearer the time, but no, we kept it. I swear the bathroom alone was nearly as big as the cabin we occupied on a different boat last time, and the living area was a lovely size. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures as soon as we entered the cabin before we scattered our belongings far and wide, then the moment was lost. The return fare has cost us something like £1,250, including an evening meal and continental breakfast. A lot of money, but probably not so much more than using Le Shuttle, French toll roads and fuel costs. On this trip, even way back at the beginning of the year when we booked, we were determined not to travel through France at the mercy of the potentially awkward frogs, not our best friends it seems since Brexit.

There wasn't much to do onboard during the passage, just a couple of social areas and dining rooms, though we could have gone down to the main deck seven, and gone outside on the starboard side and  risked treading in dog sh*t in the pet-friendly area, stepped out on the port side and breathed in the fag smoke from the smokers puffing away, or sat outside at the stern and breathed in the pollution from the ships smokestack. Never mind, it wasn't a world cruise, just a twenty-seven hour trip across the Bay of Biscay.

Just before disembarking in Santander, members of the crew came around to each vehicle and tested everybody's temperatures, then it was ashore to duel with the Spanish officials. In the end it was all very straightforward, all they wanted to see was our passports. I guess that all the covid information that was taken back in Portsmouth was forwarded on to them thus saving everybody a lot of time.

Our first stop was to a large out of town supermarket to stock up with fresh items, our attempt to hide our UK food having been successful. Then it was off to our current location (GPS: N43.386570° W4.102178°), a dedicated motorhome parking area just down the road from Santillana del Mar. We'll park up here for the night to get our bearings before the trip kicks off properly tomorrow. Right now we both feel very tired, which doesn't make sense since we've done nothing for the past couple of days. Maybe the stress of getting all the paperwork etc sorted for the trip, and not knowing how we would be received here on disembarkation, has taken its toll without us realising it.