4. Sep, 2021


FRIDAY 03-09-21

After last night I have to conclude that Spaniards are like moths - they're attracted to the light. We were right on the end of the dedicated parking area for motorhomes which were to our right with the public car park beyond it, and to our left was a parking area for what looked like coaches. This area was lit quite well and resulted in every man and his dog from standing or sitting just a stone's throw from our vehicle right up until about midnight for a chat with any other man or dog. These people just don't compute that within spitting distance of where they're relieving their boredom, there are people trying to get to sleep. Eventually they went home or their nurse came to collect them, and I could turn over for a night's sleep. Well I could have done if it wasn't for my darling Chef starting to snore like a pig for at least half of the night. And how do I know it was half of the night? Well, for ventilation we have the lounge skylight about halfway open with the fly screen pulled across it. That works just fine unless - it begins to rain. That hole in the roof then becomes a hazard as rain coming in could land on the wall-mounted  television and do considerable damage to it and the nearby electrics. The Chef had been online to check the local weather forecast on the BBC Weather website. I think the light but frequent showers started about 01:00 leaving me with the task of getting up to close the skylight whilst it rained, and then up again to open it when it stopped. I'm going to have to give this problem some though as by this morning I felt knackered, not helped by The Chef telling me upon her arising that she had a really good night's sleep.

When she got up I did ask her to be very careful what she touched as I couldn't cope with a third potentially serious malfunction in three days.

Although we were getting very short of water I did finally manage to treat myself to a lovely wet shave and hair wash. It's surprising how little water you need for these tasks if you're really pushed.

Late yesterday afternoon I had sent an email to Camping Comillas down the road, our next intended stop, asking if they could take us for two nights. Unfortunately this morning we had no internet access, the service was limited. We therefore decided to stay local and go to Camping Santillana del Mar www.campingsantillana.com uphill on the other side of the village. At least that way we could be sure, subject to availability, of being able to dump our waste, charge everything up as we would be hooked up to mains electricity, and take on 100ltrs of fresh water.

On our arrival (GPS: N43.392750° W4.113413°)The Chef went in to Reception to do the deal and came out with one nights camping for twenty euro's, which given that this is still peak season isn't bad. Unfortunately the Wi-Fi signal up here is just as bad. The Mi-Fi unit is showing a strong signal but it's only providing a limited service which is akin to no service. Later on this evening I'll take a walk further uphill to the bar area and see if I can get a signal there.

As it was still raining when we arrived and we were on a grass pitch, I parked the vehicle on our four painted plywood boards in the hope that if the grass got really wet we should still be able to get off in the morning.

THE biggest bugbear has been the number of flies about. I swear today we've been surrounded by more flies than Ghandi's Khazi Wallah.

Believe it or not the sun finally broke through mid afternoon and we got the folding chairs out to make the most of it. As a bonus I thought I'd treat myself to a Pimm's and lemonade. I've had to bring the Pimm's with me as I don't think the locals have ever heard of the stuff, never mind drunk it. It was to be mixed with a chilled bottle of lemonade I had bought from Carrefour supermarket just after we landed. Unfortunately the mixture was rather bitter. What on earth were they thinking of making lemonade taste of lemons.

Tomorrow we are heading to Comillas come what may. I've no idea where we'll finish up. There is a large car park down by the beach which we may be able to get on (at a price of course), if not we'll have to try our luck at one of the two campsites I've highlighted as potential accommodation locations.

As well as our wall-mounted TV/DVD combo unit we also have a mains powered Blu-Ray DVD player hidden in the adjacent cupboard which we often use when hooked-up to save wear and tear on the combo unit, having had one fail in the past. This means that tonight I shall treat my darling Chef to our first viewing of a newly-acquired Blu-Ray DVD - 'Nomadland', though I can't promise her popcorn.

If I get our timings right We're off to do the 'Picos de Europe Tour' a 'U' shaped tour in to the mountains, though what I'm letting myself in for I have no idea, but I'm trying to dodge the worst of the weekend and holiday traffic.