8. Sep, 2021


WEDNESDAY 08-09-21

Well it's been a busy day at the office. I had a rough night's sleep for two reasons. Firstly I've raging ear ache, something which afflicts me from time to time, but never when it's convenient, and secondly because I lie nearest the lounge roof vent the one we have open at night unless we can absolutely guarantee no  rain, in those circumstances we'll consider opening the one above our bed. With it being yet another wet and showery night, I found myself either getting up for medication, having a pee, closing the roof vent as soon as I heard rain, or climbing out to open it as soon as it stopped. Never mind, I'm sure amongst it all I got some sleep, helped by the fact we didn't rush to get up this morning.

At about 08:00 there was a vehicle driving round hooting its horn like mad. The Chef asked what it was, and I said it was probably the local police having a laugh at our expense. Then we heard it again at about 08:30 so I got up and had a peek. It was a van, maybe selling bread or something I guessed. It came back again at about 09:00 and that was it. The Chef was up, threw some clothes on, grabbed her purse and was out the door. She was gone a while but came back armed with a lovely crusty baguette-type loaf and two cakes.

Armed with my Tesco Mobile phone loaded with our two passes permitting us to go down on to Cathedrals Beach we made our way towards the cliff top, from whence all operations were commanded. I took my backpack so that I could also take an umbrella to keep the camera dry, and our macs as the weather didn't look too promising.

I had pleasure in making the staff at the entrance wait whilst I opened up two emails each one with a pass on it, and then we were off, down the steps and on to ...... a beach. Quite why they have to limit the daily numbers I have no idea. It would be different if people were climbing all over it.

It wasn't as impressive as I had expected, but it was a pleasant way to spend the morning, even when it did start to rain. Once we were done we made our way back to the motorhome for lunch. That done we set out for our next destination - A Coruna.

Now remember back at the beginning I said I had to chop some of my planned destinations out as I had too many of them in the plan? Well two of them, I later realised were Viveiro and Ortigueira. Had they still been in the plan the satnav would have been instructed to go to Viviero, which we could have done on the coastal road. Instead it was told to go to A Coruna, about seventy miles away, and rightly calculated that the motorway was the best road to use. Unfortunately though, about two thirds in to the journey, The Chef announced that we were clearly not going to end up on the coastal road and that particular section was to be her highlight of this part of the trip. A trife annoying I have to say, so now, after our visit here in A Coruna we'll have to backtrack in order to take in that particular section of road. It's important for me that we do as it's as much The Chef's trip as it is mine.

More about A Coruna tomorrow, but for now I can tell you that despite what the signage says in this car park (GPS: N43.384008° W8.402073°) the young lady in the Tourist Information office on site assures us that we can sleep overnight here. Better still, she gave us the location of a Pharmacy nearby at which the chemist fixed me up with some eardrops. I've already made a start on them, so here's hoping they do the trick.

So we're in to A Coruna tomorrow and then on Friday it's back up the coast for a drive before ending up much later that day, or more likely the following, in Santiago de Compostela.