12. Sep, 2021


So there you go, sometimes speed is good, and today I have smiled as I remember that Renault Espace driver on the A11 who must have seen that police car with blue lights bearing down on him in his mirror and thought he was dead meat having looked down and seen the speed he was doing. But low and behold, the police car ignores him and pulls over a fully marked up Ambulance car. I bet he gave thanks to The Lord that day, and I bet tonight he's recalling that close scrape down the pub with his mates. Well at least one of us got away with it.

I have indulged myself far too much tonight dear guest and I must call it a day. Tomorrow we are back on the road heading towards Salamanca, with a detour en-route for some wine. We may do it in one day, we may not, as I fancy keeping off the motorways and seeing more of the real Spain.