12. Sep, 2021


Our efforts though were enormously assisted by the London Metropolitan Police who used such calls as training exercises.

Imagine then, having hammered down, usually the A1 towards London escorted by Cambridgeshire, then Essex or Hertfordshire police before being met by the Met who would vary the route depending on traffic hold ups etc, then on the outskirts of London you'd probably pick up a second police car escort AND in the City, motorbike outriders, AND the police helicopter hovering above co-ordinating it all. As well as this every traffic light, road junction etc was manned by either a police officer or traffic warden who would have the traffic stopped giving us a clear run right the way through. The whole of the City of London was bought to a standstill as you and your ambulance screemed through, with the sound of sirens from all vehicles echoing off the buildings around you and members of the public stood watching the spectacle.

I defy anybody who experienced that not to get a tingle in their dangles. They were great days, and I worked with a lot of great people.

Eventually the Metropolitan Polie withdrew the service as we weren't the only service requesting their assistance, there were ambulances entering London from all directions and they just didn't have the resources to keep doing it.