15. Sep, 2021


WEDNESDAY 15-09-21

We did finally get around to watching a DVD last night.  'Blacklist' the start of series six I think it was. It made a nice change, and I'm sure we'll watch more as the days progress. It's just that we have to be a bit cautious about our use of 12v electricity (the TV is dual voltage) as on cloudy, wet days our little 60w solar panel can't produce the replacement power we'd like. It's no different to the massive solar farms we have back home, no sun = no power, and with the billions of pounds worth of ugly wind farms, no wind = no power.

Just before bedtime I took a look outside and spotted a space we could move to further up the road, which we did in double quick time. This then cleared us away from the Frenchman who was planning to leave today, and we didn't want him to leave with some of our paint or bodywork.

We had a dry night last night as I recall and the weather was a mixture of sunshine and a lot of cloud, so we decided to take a risk and go out without macs, umbrellas etc. Our route was across the road from here and then cross the Roman Bridge, which turned out to be a far easier way in to town.

Today was just for another wander, this time in the dry with the added joy of some sunshine where we spent some time people watching on a seat in Plaza de Mayor.

Lunch was fine dining at McDonald's, which was  just off the Plaza and although we seldom eat the stuff it gave us a decent meal, free of shellfish contamination and at a fair price. There was a brief rain shower after we left McDonalds but we managed to avoid getting wet for that short time.

So a bit of a nothing day really. We now intend to stay here for a third night and go to the campsite which is about three miles away tomorrow. before leaving we've got to get some shopping including some bits for a barbie at long last, and en-route we need some fuel and Autogas which is becoming especially important as we continue to run down our second tank.

I've sent an email to the campsite requesting a stay of three nights and I await their reply, and if I don't get one, we'll go to the campsite anyway.

I'll continue to update the blog while we're there and will begin a new 'chapter' after our next planned destination after which I believe things will become a whole lot more interesting - no more old buildings for a start.