16. Sep, 2021


THURSDAY 16-09-21

Well at least it was a dry night. I gave The Chef the choice of a wash or a shower this morning with the recommendation of a wash as I didn't want to carry additional grey water weight down at the back of the vehicle, so a wash it was. We use 'Clinell' wipes available from Amazon. I will post a picture of the packet after this text.

The beauty of these wipes is that they can be utilised as single-use flannels, which is how we use them. They are plastic based and so should never be disposed of in a chemical toilet or down the loo at home. Put some hot water in a sink and then squirt some liquid soap on to a wipe and do the necessary as per a face flannel. Once I'm finished I make a point of wiping the hand basin thoroughly, then all loo surfaces before wringing it out and throwing it away.

Once up and scrubbed we made our way across the road to the Lidl supermarket for a top up before finally leaving town. On the way over we dumped all of our rubbish in one of the many empty skips which sit in the University car park, from where council workers come every evening to pick them up and take them to who knows where.

We had three priorities when we left: Get a campsite pitch, fill with diesel & find and fill from an Autogas pump. Fortunately we found a garage which did fuel but no gas, and the campsite Camping Don Quijote' (GPS: N40.975182° W5.603337°) could take us for the three nights.

My word, touring around the campsite looking for a suitable pitch was hard work. Evidently they had received a bit of a bashing during those really heavy downpours we'd endured over the past few nights. In the end we managed to find a pitch that was not as muddy as the rest.

I think if this were the height of summer, then the numerous trees on the site would be most welcomed for shade, however we'd come here to do our washing and get it dried as well as chill a bit and recharge all electrical items.

Most of the pitches here are taken up with Dutch motorhomers. There must be some kind of rally going on. Who would have thought, given the price of motorhomes, that so much money could be made from legalising cannabis and growing daffodils and tulips. Participating in a rally is our idea of hell, but each to their own. There is no right or wrong way to go motorhoming. Folk should adapt the lifestyle to suit their personal needs and tastes.

With most of my washing done I decided to set about some of the repairs that were needed. First it was to be the stepladder up to the bed which The Chef has broken again. Unfortunately the last fix was about the last one possible. To carry out a temporary repair on the ladder I would need a small nail or screw and some resin and hardener, but to my consternation I appear to have taken all the resin products off the vehicle, presumably to save weight, which was a pretty stupid thing to do, so I'll have to hope we come across a Chinese shop which sells the products I need. When we get home I'll have to see if I can source a new ladder which won't be cheap.

I'm hoping we can get all our chores done by late tomorrow meaning we can get back on the road again after just two nights.

In the meantime the two vehicle batteries are finally enjoying a good mains charge, as both of them have their own individual intelligent battery chargers, and as I type the Dutch are getting a bit rowdy, presumably at the excitement of a possible clog dancing competition.