17. Sep, 2021


FRIDAY 17-09-21

That was a nice peaceful night, and a dry one which made a nice change. This morning lots of the Dutch campers left so it became even more peaceful.

The shower block provided lovely overhead showers with a good flow rate and I was able to treat myself to a walk to the block in my dressing gown for a change.

Today was chores day and there was lots to do. Rosina did her hand washing and between us we did all the housework and made sure all items and batteries were fully charged before we leave tomorrow. The big problem with having so many trees around us is that when the sun did finally come out we had to chase it between the shade from the trees using the clothes airer.

This evening we had our first barbecue. I did buy a Weber Go-Anywhere, I think it's called, because it was smaller and lighter than our previous model, the terrific Weber Baby Q, but I had terrible problems with the food burning on it. Instead of their usual cast iron grate Weber had changed to an enamelled steel one with ridges and gaps in it. I did contact Weber in America to complain and ask them to consider introducing the cast iron version, even as an optional accessory, but I won't hold my breath waiting. I was going to bin it and write of the £130 it had cost me, but then I came across GrillGrate www.grillgrate.com which cost me another £65 I think it was, so now I'm in for a  total of £200, but I have to say it does seem promising and on this grate I don't burn the food.

So this evening we had barbecued sausages which we bought with us, some wedges which The Chef created using a mix of seasoning which coats them and makes them a really nice treat.  These were joined by some chicken drumsticks which we bought from Lidl back down the road. There seemed to be quite a lot of water in the meat, so much so that I think rather than be humanely slaughtered I think the chickens the drumsticks came from actually drowned.

It took a lot of clearing up afterwards but it was all worth it.

Tomorrow we head for Aranjuez just southeast of Madrid for a couple of nights before beginning what I think will be by far and away the most interesting part of the trip. This time next week we should be right down by the coast between the Portuguese border and Gibraltar.

My mobile phone situation continues to cause frustration and concern. My regular phone is a monthly plan with Tesco Mobile, but they look to be charging roaming fees. For that reason I carry a second phone which has a 3Mobile PAYG sim card. Before we came away I put another forty pounds of credit on it making a total of seventy pounds, only to find that they too now charge for roaming. Therefore I shall run the sim card down to nothing while we're away and when we get to Gibraltar I shall enquire about a PAYG Spanish sim as apparently EU phone companies don't charge their customers for roaming while they're in the UK. This has nothing to do with Brexit, it's just an excuse for greedy UK businesses to screw their customers.

Tomorrow we're back on the road heading for Aranjuez whist earnestly looking for a filling station that has an Autogas (LPG) pump.

And Salamanca? It was very nice indeed. Lovely buildings and has a University so there's a lot of young people about. It was a bit like our Oxford or Cambridge I suppose. It's worth a look.