21. Sep, 2021


TUESDAY 21-09-21

Yesterday evening we popped back up the road to try and photograph the sunset behind the castle but we'd left it a bit too late and missed most of it. The one good thing about it was that after sunset our Wi-Fi signal improved considerably.

We ended up having a couple of rain showers during the night which meant I did my usual up-and-down opening and closing the lounge roof vent. During one of these disturbances I lay in bed wondering if there could have been some kind of airlock in the gas pipes leading to the boiler unit as we had only just refilled the tanks. Maybe in the morning I would try connecting the barbecue to its exterior outlet as the gas pipe for it is 'T'd off the supply to the boiler. Perhaps that would help clear things.

My next trip out of bed was to go to the loo and whilst stood outside its door I thought I'd try the  boiler again - Eureka! I kept waiting for the amber operating light to turn to flashing red, but it didn't and certainly sounded as if the boiler had fired up. To double check I got dressed and went outside to check for hot exhaust gas coming out of the vent, and there was. Proof indeed that it had started running properly again. What a relief that was.

This morning we were up in good time, not only to be over at the castle when it opened at 10:00, but to have our showers, thankfully lovely and hot rather than cold.

When the castle opened we were only the second couple to enter which was great. It meant I could take pictures without everybody else being in them. We thought we'd be able to get in with reduced rate tickets at five euros each believing them to be for those over 60 years of age. Sadly not, they were for children, and so we had to pay the full price of nine euros each. Never mind, we'd had a free nights accommodation at the castle entrance and the visit was quite interesting, and we felt worth the money. So that was another box ticked.

After the castle tour it was back to the motorhome for lunch before I again 'Took Care of Business' before we hit the road.