22. Sep, 2021


WEDNESDAY 22-09-21

Well they certainly picked a good spot to build windmills. My word that was a windy night, not gusting, just a fairly strong wind that stayed the same velocity. I know that because motorhome and caravan skylights are designed in such a way that they allow air to pass in to the living space, even when they are fully closed. That would prevent somebody asphyxiating inside a closed-up vehicle and helping to prevent condensation. This 'air gap' resulted in a constant noisy draught from the skylight above our bed (not that The Chef heard it). The skylight above the lounge was fixed in the halfway open position and gave us plenty of fresh air during the night before I got up and closed it at about 08:00 as I turned on the boiler for some hot water.

Our first destination was to yet more windmills at Conseugra about twenty-five miles west of Campo de Criptana. The only reason we were going there was because they were supposed to be the best preserved windmills in Spain, and they were on their way to our next destination, Caceres.

Having endured some tricky backstreets in Consuegra we arrived at the Camperstop (GPS: N39.45339° W3.6106°) at the foot of the final section of hill (we'd driven up the rest). So the rest was of the journey was on foot.

I have to say it was all a disappointment, and we were so glad we got to see the windmills yesterday at Campo de Criptana. Never mind, it's all an experience and we hadn't gone out of our way to see these. Having walked back down the hill we had lunch before setting out on our journey to Caceres.

When I had checked the route a couple of days ago Google Maps were showing two options. The first was heading northwest all of it on motorway, then dropping down south to Caceres. The second showed a southerly route which we quite fancied as you get to see more of the real Spain by travelling on more minor roads. However when I took a closer look at lunchtime and compared their southern route with the road atlas it would have involved many miles of minor roads. The atlas page looked like a spiders web of all different coloured roads. It would have been a nightmare to go that way and who knows how good the surface would have been on some roads. So I went for the northern, safer route. About two-hundred miles of it.

The route didn't vary much with small mountain ranges in the distance and rolling hills of various crops including olives and grapes. Again the farmers were out harvesting the grape crop. The morning had been overcast and quite cool but by mid afternoon the sun came out and now it's quite warm.

We arrived here at the Camperstop in Caceres at about 16:00, and just as well we didn't leave it any later because all of the parking spaces are now taken. We're only supposed to be here for 24 hours but our neighbours look as if they've already overstayed their time limit and so we'll do the same.

Tomorrow we shall visit Caceres and then either stop here another night or leave for a local campsite, Camping Caceres for a night or two as we have a few more Camperstops or Sosta's to stay at before we have the luxury of grass under our feet and electrical hook-up.

This was one day at the office that had to be done. We are now aligned to start dropping south towards the coast, and no more windmills!