30. Sep, 2021


THURSDAY 30-09-21

What a day that was. We were up in good time to prepare the vehicle for the road as today we were heading for Seville. There was a BP garage across the road from the campsite and so we topped up the tank and The Chef bought some bread for lunch.

The journey was straightforward until we got in to Seville. I'll have to take a closer look when I can be bothered to, but I think the wrong GPS for the camperstop was fed in to the satnav, because when we should have turned right at a junction to get to Aldi which was signposted, and then to our nearby Camperstop the satnav told us to go straight on which was almost immediately over the river and in to the heart of things. Eventually I had to pull over and feed in the co-ordinates which were in the Camperstop book and pressed 'Go'. I think that is when its head begun to spin and 'it' wanted us to about turn by sending us down a side street to be followed by a few right turns. Oh Lord! The bloody thing sent us down a narrow side street which kept getting narrower with a road width not much wider than the vehicle, high kerbs, one way and with a three ton weight restriction (we're 3.5). At the bottom was a 'T' junction and we had to make a right turn. I'm not going to dwell on it because it depresses me too much, safe to say we drew a good crowd, with two locals assisting with my manoeuvres to get round and The Chef outside shouting "No, No No". This was because, as if the junction wasn't narrow enough, they had stuck a rounded concrete block right on the corner to prevent vehicles from hitting the corner of the building.

I honestly believed we were stuck there and there was no way out, and we'd have to wait for the police to turn up so that the road could be blocked off back where we entered and I could then back all the way down the road.

In the end I had to accept there would be some damage to the vehicle all I could hope for was that it would be  minimal. When we finally cleared the junction and got the hell out of the area we started again. In the end we spotted the junction we should have turned at and swung a right leaving the satnav to sulk. We did the last bit from memory.

On inspection the damage isn't too bad, though we had a lucky escape with the electrically operated step in to the habitation area. It had been damaged along its face but still works OK.

The Chef and I have been in conversation over the past few days and I think we're going to give motorhoming another two years. As The Chef said this evening "This is the worst trip we have ever had", and she's right. There's just too much grief involved these days, and besides we'll soon run out of places we want to visit. So next year I think we'll be doing a tour of France in the spring followed by Austria and Bavaria in the September. The following year will be the 'Grand Tour' when we visit all our favourite places including Istanbul, Rome and Venice. It will probably last the whole three months and I won't be updating the blog on that one. I'm going to give myself the luxury of not having to take photo's etc and spend more time with my darling Chef in the evenings. After that trip who knows, but I think it very likely that will be it.

It's been baking hot today. Even at 18:0 it was 34°C, so who knows how hot it was earlier. Late this afternoon we went for a walk, mainly because it was cooler outside in the sun than it was in the motorhome, even with all the windows open.

Typically for us, the very nice Plaza de Espana with all its mosaic tiles and little bridges had been sectioned off and they've put a damned great stage in there, and as we passed they were doing sound checks. I shall be most annoyed if we don't have access to it tomorrow.

Tomorrow we'll walk in to the city. It's quite a hike and so we plan to be up early and try and get down there before it gets too hot.

So there you have it. We now have a vehicle that has body damage and the boiler still doesn't work. I'm going to try and arrange for a mobile engineer to come out to it just after we pass Gibraltar.