2. Oct, 2021


Finally it was the Plaza de Espana and the adjoining Parque Maria Luisa which provides most welcomed shade, fountains, roadways for horse and carriages and lots of seating.

Thankfully the public had access to the Plaza, even though it's central area was now occupied by a stage and a separate seating area. It's very annoying really, as the temporary venue doesn't seat thousands upon thousands, and so ninety-nine point nine of the population plus tourists had been denied access to it all just to please the point one of a per cent. There are a number of brown field sites around here they could have staged it.

Never mind, we got to have a look around the majority of this very ornate and attractive complex with the added bonus of being entertained by a group of flamenco dancers, musicians and singers.

Close by there was some kind of event going on dedicated to food from around the world, as well as numerous stalls selling tat from around the world. After wandering around them all we decided to have lunch there. Having checked each one to see if they had shellfish on the menu we ended up at the Australian stall where we enjoyed a couple of pork kebabs and beers.

Then it was off in to the park to sit peacefully to escape the heat of the day. Eventually we could spin it out no more and decided to make our way 'home' stopping off at the local Lidl store for a few bits including some ice cream cornets which are now in the freezer (well nearly all of them).

On our return to the car park I noticed that the Spanish family's motorhome was still parked up across from us. So I told The Chef that while she was putting the few bits of shopping away I'd go and look further down the line to see if I could find a parking space further away as I didn't fancy another late night listening to them.

Success, in no time I'd unhooked us, opened up the cab blinds and re-parked right down the far end. So hopefully now we'll get a bit of peace tonight, unless of course they decide to move as well.

Tomorrow we are heading slightly east to Carmona, mainly to complete our dodge of the Spanish weekenders. I'm hoping we will be able to park on a piece of land on the edge of town, or closer to the centre if they'll permit overnight parking. I only expect it to be a day visit, because we'll not be hooked up and therefore can't run our electric fan. It doesn't sound much, but when you're stuck in a hot box, it means the world.

Thankfully the nights are fairly cool, so at least we're getting some sleep.

So this is our farewell to Seville. A lovely city. We won't be leaving our hearts here, but we will be leaving some grey plastic scrapings from a retractable electric step, some brown trim and no doubt a bit of white paint.