6. Oct, 2021


WEDNESDAY 06-10-21

I though as I lay in bed last night that my latest cunning plan would be to scrub up, dump and go down to the local DIY store where I would purchase a set of spanners and, using my tube of blue gasket sealer, reattach the joint which I was sure was the problem, then while it was setting we'd walk the short distance to the supermarkets, do the shopping, and then drop in to the first of two filling stations next to each other, both selling Autogas, where, with the gunk setting off, top up the gas cylinders................. and then I woke up.

I was the first in to the unisex showers as the floor was dry, and I had set out rather early. Scrubbed up I decided not to waste money on yet more spanners as I had plenty at home, and would instead take the joint apart with an adjustable spanner, gunk it, then screw it up again. Job done.

We dumped and then went to not one, but three supermarkets. First it was Mercadona, who had some of what we wanted, then Lidl, who had one or two bits, then finally to the massive Carrefour supermarket, where, on entering realised we should have gone in to first and got everything.

I decided not to push my luck with the gas cylinder repair and passed the filling stations with a heavy heart. During this trip we've gone from finding it hard to locate a filling station selling Autogas, to having two side by side. Never mind, says he through gritted teeth.

On then to El Puerto de Santa Maria, and Camping Playa Las Dunas www.lasdunascamping.com (GPS: N36.587285° W6.240677°). I had sent an email yesterday requesting a four night stop but had not received a reply, so we were hopeful that they could take us as, again, we had no plan 'B' other than to park on the beach car park just across the way.

Luckily they had vacancies and we are booked in here for the four nights. Because of our gas problems we are having to reluctantly amend the Travelscript so that we now only stay at campsites with hook-up facilities.

I did have a play in the gas locker and have now identified the true leak - right next to the 'repair' I had done this morning. The only trouble is I tried tightening it both clockwise and anticlockwise and neither direction made a difference. So I improved the ventilation at the bottom of the gas locker (the gas is heavier than air) and during the day we are going to run the fridge off the gas remaining in the pipes, in the hope we can reduce the pressure in the system, thus alleviating the leak. We have to face the fact that unless we can get the problem fixed professionally we can no longer use gas. In fact if we need to, for safety's sake I will drain the contents of both gas cylinders (quite a job) somewhere safe and then know we have no gas onboard.

The Chef and I were reflecting this evening sat outside that we've gone from edgy overnight camping and quiet spots to ending up on a campsite which is the camping equivalent of Pontin's or Butlin's, and worst still, being happy they could take us.

Tomorrow we shall go for a wander visiting old haunts., Well at least it will get us out. It has been important for us to sort out the next week's campsites as next Tuesday is a national holiday here is sunny Spain - Columbus Day, after Christopher Columbus, the man who sailed off to visit his Auntie on the Isle of Wight, forgot to turn right at Cape St Vincent and ended up discovering America. Quite why he has a name like Christopher, rather than Manuel, or José  I have no idea.

We've now picked up motorhomers from all the usual countries, Brits, German, Dutch, French, Swiss and of course the Spanish themselves. I think I preferred it when we saw virtually none of them back at the beginning of the trip.