7. Oct, 2021


THURSDAY 07-10-21

Yesterday evening I attempted to stop or stem the flow of the gas from the leaking joint, but it wasn't successful because we were still able to smell the stenching agent they put in the gas so that you know it's there.

I had hardly any sleep trying to work out what to do next. At 03:00 I got up, went outside and opened the garage and gas locker doors to assist with ventilation. By this morning I had decided to make urgent contact with Gaslow www.gaslow.com first thing and see what they could suggest.

Having sent an email I phoned them at 09:00 UK time and spoke to the boss who was very reassuring and talked me through it all. It would seem that filling stations often don't recalibrate their pumps after a new delivery and this can lead to the overfilling of cylinders, which are designed to cut off automatically at 80% full, but if that doesn't happen then the safety float inside can end up 'under water' and send a false signal to the pump to keep filling. So reassuringly when I checked the locker after the phone call there was no more gas escaping. The excess had vented itself out of that joint, which was right next to the safety valve which is supposed to release any additional pressure, but didn't seem to have done. Anyhow Gaslow said they will be glad to have our vehicle in, as they're not a million miles from us in Leicestershire, and take the whole system apart and test and rebuild everything, and I have to say you can't ask for more than that. At least now I know what we're dealing with. He did phone me back later and suggest that we use some of the gas out of the 'problem' cylinder just in case, due to the Spanish heat,(35°C again) the gas expands and starts to leak again.

After a lovely long hot shower we had breakfast and went for a walk in to town, well the older part of it anyway, so it was a walk past the beach we spent a night on the last time we were here, past some of the Bodegas wine establishments which run along the side of the river.

We did treat ourselves to a nice cold beer before making our way back to fry on our pitch here at the campsite.

There is a ban on barbecues on this campsite, perhaps because we are next to a wood of pine trees. You don't get told about it but it does appear on their website. However a number of people have been using gas barbecues, and so this evening we plan to barbie a couple of steaks we bought yesterday, along with a €29.99 griddle for putting on our induction hobs, thinking we would no longer be using our gas on this trip. Oh well that will be something else for a car boot sale.

Tomorrow we are going to take a ride on the catamaran over to Cadiz just for the experience.

It's amazing what a difference a day makes in this motorhoming game. Yesterday evening I felt like just sitting down and crying, but today things look a whole lot better. And from practical experience I can now confirm that a bandage of tight fitting insulating tape wound around a joint and drizzled with hot glue from a glue gun does not cure a gas leak, and reflection it's just as well it didn't.