9. Oct, 2021


SATURDAY 09-10-21

Well I have to say, this is the best experience we've ever had on a campsite during a Spanish weekend. We had a young family with a caravan turn up and park two pitches down from us and they were soon off out. I didn't hear them come back and I thought they'd be turning up late, cooking a meal and running riot until very late, but when I went for a little walk there they all were. A lovely Spanish family with well behaved children, we've found one at last. To be fair there are now a few Spanish families on site, most have very small children and everyone is well behaved. Even the dogs on site, which are now numerous, are quiet and well behaved, though a lot of them look quite old. This is such a different experience from the Costa del Boy where Brits are normally in abundance dragging along their neurotic yapping balls of fluff with them, though I do have to say what we have noticed on this trip is that a lot of dog owners, I prefer to refer to them as dog owners rather than dog lovers, think nothing of locking their dogs in a hot campervan or motorhome and taking themselves off for a meal or a walk around town.  Back home the police would be called and they'd be breaking windows to get the dogs out, over here it's the norm, though in fairness, it's more noticeable on the Camperstops than on campsites.

They say that there's nothing worse than a reformed smoker, and I think they're right. I didn't start smoking until I was just turned seventeen in the navy where just about everybody smoked. I thought there must be something in it and so I bought a packet of ten Embassy and a box of matches. I remember going in to a toilet cubicle and lighting one up. What a ghastly taste. I felt awful and my head spun, so most of the ciggie went down the pan. That left me with nine more cigarettes, and so over the coming days I persevered until I had become a smoker. What a fool I was.

I didn't give up properly until I retired. I did try having the odd fag when things weren't going well while doing DIY jobs . Standing back and having a smoke would so often help with the stress level or finding the solution to the problem. But after just one puff I couldn't believe just how bad the taste in my mouth was. I look back now and realise just how bad I and my clothes must have smelt to others. These days I can smell a burning cigarette at a hundred paces.

........................ I digress.

Yesterday evening the nice Slovenian couple next to us both turned out to be heavy smokers, and the smell made me want to gag as it wafted around us and in to the vehicle, I don't know what it was they were smoking, dried camel dung maybe. We had actually parked incorrectly, I can only assume because a close neighbour had  also done so before we arrived and I was respecting their privacy by parking the same way. The only problem is when they up and leave the next day you're left looking like the selfish individual who parked wrongly, and last night we had our outside space facing the Slovenians.

So this morning I asked The Chef to help me to turn the vehicle around in the pitch. It didn't take long and it felt so much better having done so. Now we have our privacy and they have theirs.

Today is Rosina's birthday, and we've done nothing but laze around all day, though I did do a little bit of housework this morning. I have promised to take her for a meal at a venue of her choosing. I had earlier proposed 'Alberts' at Cabopino Marina, but we'll see.

Those who read this rubbish regularly will have noticed that I have changed the title of this 'chapter' to 'To Manilva' this is because we needed to stay hooked up at the time of creating it, but the gas leak is now sorted and I have sent an email to Truma Customer Support in the hope they can arrange a mobile fitter to come and sort out the boiler. I have told them where we will be on Monday for a few days. The outcome of a fix to the boiler will shape the rest of this trip. If we can get it repaired  then I would like to pop back down the road about twenty miles to Gibraltar as this will be our farewell tour of Spain. If it can't be fixed then we'll have to hang around campsites so that we can use their hot water and I'll buy a small electric fan heater to help us keep warm as we travel north and it gets progressively cooler.

It was a barbecue again for us this evening even though the campsite prohibits their use. This is Spain and everybody seems to ignore the rules. The campsite is now pretty much rammed full with a lot of new arrivals today. It is now dark and is getting louder. I have a horrible feeling this place will sound like an overcrowded refugee camp later on. Never mind they can't take last night away from us and fingers crossed we'll be back on the road again tomorrow.