13. Oct, 2021


WEDNESDAY  13-10-21

Another nice quiet peaceful night with only the waves crashing on to the beach to listen to.

Yesterday evening we went for a nice evening stroll down to Puerto de la Duquesa. I took my phone with me just in case the Truma boiler people tried to make contact with me. Naive I know but I felt I had to do my bit. As I had the phone I used it to take two or three pictures of the marina at night, but unfortunately I can't get the damned pictures out of the camera.

We scrubbed up in good time because today was bed linen day, not an easy task when you have to do it without a clothes line. In the end we placed one sheet on each of our two tables and let them fry-dry in the sun.

While they were drying we walked down to the marina to visit The English Butcher. We've been to them before and it's meat butchered by Brits in the Brit fashion, and we've always been pleased with their produce, though they're not the cheapest. While we were there we sat and had lunch which was a nice thing to do and a chance to rest our feet before the walk back along the promenade.

The afternoon was spent chilling out and me boring our nice Brit next door neighbours with my chatting.

Our fine dining experience was a barbecue, though nowt fancy - just sausages and burgers which we'd bought today. My word they were delicious, and I wish now we'd bought more of them when we had the chance. I am also hoping that by burning off more gas from our tanks we may drop the pressure sufficiently for the boiler to start working again. It did work yesterday evening for a moment in time, but then later on didn't, I don't know why, maybe I just looked at it wrong and it got the hump, but anyway, we're now proceeding on the basis that it isn't going to work any more on this trip leaving us without hot water and central heating. Having come this far being beggered about by it I'm of a mind not to try and fix it over here, but instead get it home and find a local Truma servicing agent where we can take it for a damned good thrashing.

Tomorrow my darling Chef has agreed to our backtracking down the road to Gibraltar so that we can spend the afternoon walking around town and say our farewells. We'll spend the night in the marina complex before leaving on Friday morning for the Marbella area.