15. Oct, 2021


FRIDAY 15-10-21

Yesterday morning back at San Luis de Sabinillas while The Chef was in the Lidl store getting some bits and pieces I tried the boiler to see what happened, and it worked. I was becoming hopeful. Maybe at long last we had reduced the pressure in the gas cylinders sufficiently to enable it to work properly again.

When we arrived at La Linea yesterday I tried it again, and it worked, so with fingers crossed I turned it on again this morning and success. We were able to enjoy a lovely hot shower. We heat the water in the boiler to 60°C when having a shower so that we can dilute it down with cool water so that it goes further. This was fortunate because as I stood in the shower I realised that the water in the boiler's tank had been there for two or three weeks, so if it was a bit 'off' at least the water temperature should have killed off anything unpleasant.

Before setting off I checked the tyre pressures and the ride height of the air assisted suspension and all were still spot on.

Our journey to Camping Cabopino (GPS: N36.488706° W4.743016°) took about an hour and a half on very busy roads it times, but we got here. We don't have hugely fond memories of this campsite, but it does have a lovely beach across the other side of the road and a very nice marina complex.

I had booked the three nights we are staying here because it is another Spanish weekend and I needed to be sure we could get a pitch. However when The Chef booked us in we were told that because we had booked in advance we did not get their ACSI scheme's discount of twenty Euros a night, instead we had to pay seventy-eight in total for a shady pitch.

Having picked our pitch and set up, we realised we had backed on to a Spanish motorhome on the lower tier with a gazebo outside and all the trappings of a young family, we couldn't have been closer to them if we'd tried.

Then it was lunch followed by a walk over to the marina complex to book a table for Sunday at Alberts restaurant.

Back at the campsite we were joined by two Spanish couples who have rented out chalets across from us. Unfortunately one of them is a Neanderthal who likes loud music. I'm beginning to think he just likes to annoy people. So this weekend we have the perfect storm. Never mind, I shall do my best not to rise to the occasion, but if I suspect later that he just wants to be a nuisance then I'll put the MP3 player through the vehicles door  mounted speakers and he can listen to some 'Chas & Dave' on full blast with the windows wound down.

Tomorrow we are catching a bus in to Marbella for a final look around, so it will keep us occupied for a while. We have just one more Spanish camping weekend to endure next weekend and then that's us done. The following weekend we'll be sailing home.