16. Oct, 2021


SATURDAY 16-10-21

Fortunately last night wasn't as bad as we had feared. The campers behind us turned out to be a young family and they weren't up for making a lot of noise, though they were eating and sitting outside the baby stopped squarking at about 23:00. This was matched by the young family in the cabin next to the cloth-eared Neanderthal aka the Spanish Sub-Species who was out for the evening, though at 02:45 when I got up for the bathroom he was sat outside his Wendy house talking to somebody else, I guess he'd been there since he returned from wherever. It didn't disturb me however as they were making less noise than the fast moving traffic on the road outside the campsite.

The Chef and I were up in good time to get over to the bathroom blocks to avoid getting in a queue for the showers. We needn't have worried we both had our sections to ourselves. In fact mine compartment was completely dry, so I guess the rush had yet to happen.

After scrubbing up,The Chef and I were down at the bus stop to catch the 11:10 bus. The 220 service from Fuengirola to Marbella runs every thirty minutes. Unfortunately there was a bus at 11:00 which we saw pulling out of the bus stop and there wasn't another one until 11:45.

The fare was a very reasonable €1.18 each for a bus ride lasting forty-five minutes and included the 'Tour of the Urbanisations' thrown in for free. I had taken along the little pocket camera which sits in the front glove box for The Chef to se to capture images of blurred bushes, road signs and crash barriers. It's smaller and lighter and sits easier on my belt.

Marbella hasn't changed. The money moved up in the hills and down to Puerto Banus a number of years ago. The Old Town though is quite nice, with lots of narrow streets selling tourists tat, and countless bars and restaurants.

Back in 2013 The Chef and I spent three weeks touring eastern Canada in a motorhome. A holiday best forgotten. During that time she needed an everyday watch to wear and whilst we were in a 'Wallmart' Superstore she spotted a range of cheap watches and bought one. I think it cost her about five pounds. It still works to this day. Well it would if it hidn't have a flat battery. She keeps forgetting to bring it out with her to get it replaced. But today my darling woman got carried away and spent a whole ten Euros, probably about eight pounds fifty, on a new replacement. It was such an event I took a couple of pictures of the outside of the shop. I did ask her when she came out if she'd asked for the lifetime guarantee.

After more mooching about we made our way towards the promenade. En-route there was a fountain we'd walked past a number of times before but this time The Chef noticed it was all about El Rocio, the Western-style town we'd stopped at before we went to Seville. There were a large number of tiles depicting scenes from the town, presumably from many years ago.

Then it was a walk along the sea front. Gone are the days when the Ferrari's and other supercars drove along the narrow street to pose. They've since been replaced by wheelchairs and mobility scooters.

After dragging ourselves around for a bit longer we stopped and had lunch which was very pleasant and gave us the opportunity to do a bit of people-watching.

Finally we decided we'd had enough walking around aimlessly and decided to make our way back. We picked up some chicken drumsticks from the supermarket by the bus stop and were lucky enough to jump straight on a bus when we came out. This time though the fare was €2.28 each, very nearly twice as much, but at least it did go pretty much straight down the motorway dropping off as it went and we were soon 'home'.

There's been no sign of Neanderthal Man, maybe they've gone out for the day or maybe they've just gone. Either way it's been nice not having to tolerate him.

This evening we're going to have a barbecue. The thinking being that if the first tank of LPG is now down to a pressure that the boiler can deal with, then we should try using up more out of tank two, in the hope we can also run the boiler off that should we need to.

Just one more night of Spanish campers, they should all be going home later tomorrow. We'll be off ourselves on Monday morning for a long days driving.