17. Oct, 2021


SUNDAY 17-10-21

Thank The Lord for DVD's. We watched a couple last night which helped to drown out the noise of the Spanish campers. I have got The Chef in to two programmes 'This Country', a very clever mocumentary of life in a rural community and 'Episodes' starring Matt Le Blanc and others.

The cloth-eared Neanderthal across the way was not seen all day and I'm guessing he was asked to leave the campsite due to his disruptive behaviour. Nobody in their right minds (and was he?) books just one night in a chalet and then spend it sat outside in the afternoon playing loud music, go out for a meal and then stay up half the night talking outside in the veranda. What would he have got out of that? Plus I can't see the campsite accepting a booking for just one night at a weekend when they could have let it for the whole period.

The Chef and I went to bed at about 23:00 with noise still ringing in our ears. I just said to her "Look on the bright side - most of them should be gone tomorrow".

The weather this morning wasn't too special with a lot of cloud, though the temperature has remained very comfortable all day.

It has been a nothing day, as we've watched a few Spanish families leave, including the young family behind us who made sure they were ready to go by getting up and start packing at 07:30.

This evening we walked down to 'Alberts' restaurant at the marina for our Sunday roast. I had three courses and The Chef had two, and as a consequence I feel thoroughly stuffed.

When we got back 'home' we had new neighbours on one side and across the road the young Spanish family in the chalet were packing up to leave.

I shed a tear as I waved them goodbye.