19. Oct, 2021


TUESDAY 19-10-21

Some time back I bought a soundbar for the Avtex televison which is mounted on the wall. The thinking being that when we were parked somewhere away from neighbours we could watch maybe a music DVD with the added bonus of better sound. Last night the nearest neighbours were French and they had rudely parked their vehicle round the wrong way to get the sun whilst taking away our privacy, so they didn't count when it came to showing neighbours consideration.

So last night we enjoyed watching 'Blinded by the Light' based on a true story of a teenager with Pakistani parents from Luton. He discovers the music and lyrics of Bruce Springsteen and this inspires his writing. It was a nice story with great music. After that it was another episode of 'Episodes'.

We didn't hurry to get out of bed this morning as we didn't have much to do, just a walk in to and around Benidorm, and that wasn't really motivating us.

Before going out I phoned our doctors surgery to book our covid booster jabs, but forgot to mention having the flu jab at the same time so I'll have to call them again when we get home. The infection rate is continuing to climb which is a bit of a worry. I think we're all in for a very long and challenging winter.

We skipped breakfast to make room for a small English breakfast on the way in to town. Proper English nosh. You don't get signs anywhere advertising 'All Day Continental Pastry and Jam'.

On the way in to town it was apparent that they had made a good job of reducing the traffic flow along the roads. The last time we were here it was a bit crazy and quite dodgy trying to get across the road. Not only that but there was a definite reduction in the number of mobilty scooters. I did read some time back that the town' mayor had said the situation had got so out of hand that the numbers needed to be reduced. And reduced they have. Most of them though are still used by the lazy lardies.

So up the promenade and back through the town and we were done. We were contemplating a Chinese meal today but in the end I told The Chef that I could wait until we got home. I asked her to imagine how I would feel if I persuaded her to have a Chinese and then she had an adverse reaction to shellfish hiding somewhere in the meal. How bad would I have felt? So on the way back we picked up a couple of small pizza's and we'll stick them in our little electric oven and enjoy them this evening.

So that was Benidorm. It would never be our place of choice for a holiday, but each to their own. There are certainly a lot of  Northerners here, and when you consider the lousy winters they have up there who can blame them for wanting a value for money destination with almost guaranteed sunshine. I think that's about as polite as I can put it.

I think come Judgement Day, if I'm considered deserving of a place in hell, then I think I'll be sent back as a sweaty plastic seat on a lardies mobility scooter based here in Benidorm.

So we're off tomorrow just up the coast a bit, leaving the Britland-on-Sea coastline behind us.

The Chef and I looked at our options for what remains of this trip this afternoon now that we are growing in confidence in the ability of the gas boiler to work properly when it's needed, giving us the option to park independent of electrical hook-ups should we choose to.