22. Oct, 2021


THURSDAY 21-10-21

I was first away to the shower block as I wanted to get some hand washing done just as soon as I was scrubbed up and dressed.

The bathroom wasn't terribly busy which was surprising considering the number of people on the campsite. Whilst showering I was entertained by 'The Snorters', the campsite male nasal evacuation choir with the 'Coughers and Farters' as their backing group, quite what some of them have lodged in their cavities I've no idea. Again I was the only one wearing a face mask to enter, which stayed on my face until I was ready to step under the shower, and the first thing to put on as soon as I'd dried my hair and face, and I know The Chef does the same.

With the hand washing done we relaxed a bit before heading off down to the promenade for a walk in to the village. I had only a few things on my 'to do' list today. The first thing was to book a table for the restaurant's Sunday roast on the way out, but The Chef was quite adamant that she didn't want to sit in a restaurant full of selfish fools who are making no effort to wear masks or social distance around the site (we've had this problem since we came to the Costa's back at Camping La Bella Vista. She said we'd come this far on the trip staying safe by taking precautions and we shouldn't risk catching Covid-19 so close to our departure date for the UK. I couldn't argue with that, so that was Sunday roast out of the window.

The walk along the promenade was pleasant enough, but having been here a few times now it lacks the buzz. Then it was in to town to check if the Sports Centre still did free bike rental, and they do, so we'll pop down there tomorrow and hire a couple of bikes for the weekend.

Down the High Street we had a result - a shop that changed watch batteries. Both mine and The Chef's Canadian bargain buy (I don't think she wants to wear her Marbella ten Euro timepiece until we get it fully insured) were back in action for about eight Euros in total.

Next it was a roll of bubble wrap because I have a few bottles which need to be safely packed for the journey home.

What annoyed us was that the locals here take the covid precautions seriously and there is almost 100% compliance, the only people taking no precautions at all are the visitors, most of whom no doubt are from the campsite. This in my view is a disgraceful act of rudeness and selfishness. When you're in a foreign country then you respect and abide by their rules. We've seen this kind of behaviour ever since we joined the Costa's just after Gibraltar. I assume that EU citizens living within the Schengen area don't need to be jabbed or tested in order to move around the zone, so there's no telling how many of them could be infectious. But that aside it's respectful to observe the precautions.

After that we walked the length of a new outdoor market which runs down the side of the campsite. There was 100% compliance there, only because there were security guards at the entrance to ensure people DID comply.

Then it was in to Lidl and then Mercado supermarkets for some bits and pieces before returning home having done our bit.

I am still awaiting a reply from 'Simplesite', the blog host company. Having uploaded last night's text I was informed that I had reached the maximum number of pages for my subscription, so I'm now waiting to see what has to be done to increase the allowance, and I've a funny feeling it's going to involve money.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a showery day, so picking up the bikes seems a good use of our time.