23. Oct, 2021


SATURDAY 23-10-21

I began camping back in 1960 with a ten day camp to the Lake District in my first year at Secondary School. This was followed by my participation in the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme, and many holidays of my own in adult life. Then there have been my adventures with The Chef. But this morning I had a new experience in the shower block.

The Chef was like a greyhound out of the traps at a race meeting in order to get over to the shower block in good time to wash and dry her hair before it got busy in there. Lying there on my own I thought I may as well get up and make my way there myself.

Not too long after I'd entered my large shower cubicle I heard voices from another one about three doors down. Not one male voice but two. There was lots of small talk spoken fairly quietly before one of the occupants, lets refer to him as 'Mister Receiver' started to choke a lot on the shower water, or something else so I guessed his head must have been pretty low. The other occupant, let's call him 'Mister Giver' kept up the small talk and an ambience of mutual 'deep cleansing' seemed to begin. I can only assume they were camping in one of those overpriced campervans with the rising canvas roofs in which there is no room to do anything to anybody. If this is the new face of camping then I'm glad we'll be done with it in a couple of years. I mean, there's a time and place for everything.

Today was to be our ride out on our hire cycles. We were both expecting to walk parts of the trail, especially the slightly uphill sections. As we set off the German caravanning couple behind us, 'Cough & Wheeze' were in the process of hooking up their caravan to their car and heading off. In fact I swear this morning they were even too busy to sit outside and light up their first fags at 07:00. I won't miss them.

The cycle ride along the Vias Verdes del Mar went well and the temperature was lovely and comfortable, about 24 degrees C with a very light breeze. Our Irish neighbours had recommended the restaurant in the marina at Oropesa (GPS: N40.074976° E0.132980°) which we pass by on the way to the town. I would have been rude not to check it out, but unfortunately there was a lot of fish and shellfish on their menu and so we carried on in to the town. Here we locked up our bikes and went for a lovely walk around the headland, past the lighthouse and on to Playa Morro de Gos with its lovely beach, promenade and restaurants.

We sat and took it all in for a while realising that our time in this lovely warm sunny climate was coming to an end (this time next week we'll be on the ferry to Portsmouth) and soon we'd be sat at home looking out at wet, cold, damp weather, but at the end of the day, it's home, and there's nowhere like it.

Walking back towards the bikes we stopped off for lunch at a beachside restaurant before heading off back to the campsite.

On our return the gay girls in the pitch just across from us were busy smooching together. My word, this campsite really is becoming inclusive.

We both felt we'd done pretty well as we hadn't been on bikes for such a long time, in fact two years at least. Hopefully we won't wake up with aching legs in the morning.

This evening we will be dining on a pizza with chips, something quick and easy for my darling Chef to prepare, and no doubt washed down with a glass or two of grapes.

Tomorrow being Sunday, I am hoping to walk down the road about a mile or so to the model railway site to see if it is running. We've been there a couple of times in the winter and, understandably, there is very little activity, but maybe tomorrow it may be nice enough for them to fire up their steam locomotives for a play. Either way it will be a nice walk out.