24. Oct, 2021


SUNDAY 24-10-21

The Chef didn't have a good night's sleep last night, and as a consequence neither did I. She was up bright and early to do all of her hand washing whilst I made yet another early visit to the shower block. All was quiet this morning, though I did make sure the cubicle door was securely locked.

The only thing I wanted to do today was to go down the road to visit the model railway site (GPS: N40.053116 E0.072556). We had visited it on a few occasions when we've been down here during the winter, but never really seen it running, and this being our last planned visit to mainland Spain I wanted to see it before we left.

Our efforts were not in vain. They were firing up a steam train when we arrived, and by the time we left it was really quite busy with three trains running giving lots of happy kids and their parents a ride around the track which, due to clever design, is quite a long one.

Then it was a walk along the promenade and back home for lunch. We both agree that we'll miss these lovely blue skies, the blue sea, and the lovely warm sunshine, but at the same time it will be good to get home. This has seemed a very long trip, and has been hard work for most of it. That's why we never call them holidays, always trips.

Lunch was toasted baguette from yesterday topped with peanut butter (that's me) and jam.

Next it was the cleaning of the cab glass both inside and out ready for our leaving on Tuesday morning. We need to be away early so anything we can do beforehand is helpful.

I've charged all the important bits and pieces as well. It's surprising just how many things we carry which require charging, this is important at this stage as our plans include four nights without hook-up before we board the ferry to Portsmouth from Santander.

The campsite has been pretty quiet today, helped by the fact that it is just about full leaving no vacant spaces for Spanish campers and their noisy kids. Every cloud has a silver lining.

We have never been to Spain before at this time of year, it's always been during the winter months ranging between December and early March. The makeup of campers both here and back along the Costa's has been a noticeable reduction in the number of Brits and far more Dutch. It is difficult to know, what with Brexit and the pandemic, whether this balance will be the new norm. Maybe with the restriction of up to 90 days in the EU in every 180 days on a rolling calendar may mean that Brits are holding fire until the worst of the winter months arrive back home and then come down. Either way it won't be our problem after this trip.

We haven't even been up to the Petanque pitches during this visit, mainly because we didn't bring our set of balls along (they're quite heavy) and because it would only be a brief hello and goodbye to any old faces we saw up there. We felt it was better to leave well alone and tell ourselves that all those friendly folk we used to play with, all survived the Pandemic and are either here and playing or will arrive in the coming weeks. Sometimes it's just best not to know.

Tomorrow we will return the free hire bikes and go for a nice long farewell walk along the beach before returning to the campsite to finish off any outstanding chores, which will include trying to book our lateral flow tests for day 2 of our arrival back in the UK.

Tonight's offering from The Chef is soon to be a rack of ribs which we bought at the local supermarket, lots of BBQ sauce and some fries.