2. Nov, 2021


SUNDAY 26-09-21

My word that was a lovely quiet night. We didn't hear a peep out of the neighbours. Out of respect we'd moved the vehicle just to the side of the cemetery car park, believe it or not we were parked just across from the underground 'Repsol' gas tank which services the needs of the crematorium just over the wall.

Having consulted Google Maps and the homework I'd done before the trip we decided to make our way to  El Rocio, pretty well in the middle of nowhere and next to a National Park and only about thirty miles away. It's one of those places where, if we hadn't visited it today having left Huelva, we'd never visit it.

By late morning we'd arrived here at Camping La Aldea (GPS: N37.141789° W6.491592°). We had our fingers crossed as to whether or not they could take us as we were still in to a Spanish weekend. Luckily they could, and we've booked for three nights.

It's quite nice here, and it really is a treat to be able to wind out the awning, put the mat down, get the chairs out and just relax. It's something that has been lacking on this trip due mainly to the weather.

I was keen to get some of my washing done while I had the chance and had soon strung up a washing line. The Chef will do hers tomorrow, and it will be a joint effort then regarding the bedding.

Oh what a treat. We'd forgotten what it was like to just relax and enjoy warm sunshine. The temperature today topped out at about 30°C, too hot to work in, but lovely to do nothing in, sat under the awning for shade. As a bonus I've found that a can of 'Sprite' is about as close as I can get to UK lemonade, and today I have been able to enjoy a Pimms & Lemonade.

I'm not going to bore you with anything to do with El Rocio until tomorrow. It's about managing your expectations'. If you were to see online pictures of the place today, you may expect too much.

My biggest concern today was a number of long-term campers who have pitches close to each other and who were quite noisy, especially with their music. All afternoon I've been looking for signs of them having a party tonight, but as I type this, most of them have packed up and gone home.

So now the moan. So many campsites permit long-stay campers a pitch at a reduced rate. Often they are 'holiday homes' which are used by city folk. The trouble is if they get too many of them then the campsite starts to look like a refugee camp. More worryingly, these people erect awnings and structures which fill their whole pitch space, and as a consequence are butted up to their neighbours who are doing the same thing. This presents an enormous fire risk, as one fire from a barbecue etc would cause the fire to spread rapidly through the structures. I shall attach a few photographs to demonstrate my point.

So I think today is going to be a short 'diary note'. Just before our evening meal we agreed that we would stay here for four nights. This will give us the opportunity to relax and soak up some sunshine in relative comfort as well as line us up for a three night stay at a Camperstop in Seville. Again trying to get ahead of the game for the Spanish weekend.