2. Nov, 2021


WEDNESDAY 29-09-21

I didn't post any diary notes yesterday as there was nothing to write about and nothing new to photograph, and so I gave myself the evening off.

Yesterday was spent doing nothing, which was most enjoyable. The purpose of our spending a few days here is to rest and recharge our batteries whilst enjoying a bit of outside living space which you don't get parked overnight in a glorified car park. We've got all the washing done as well as the housework.

There have been more departures from the campsite. There are no only about eleven motorhomes, three caravans and a pitch with three small tents on it. Yesterday though saw the arrival of the Feral French Family. They were travelling in a long-wheelbase white van with no ventilation hatches cut in to the roof. All it had was tinted glass all round and a row of three passenger seats behind the two front cab seats. Out climbed two adults, and she was a big girl, three kids about 10, 7 & 6 in age, and two dogs. A loud Labrador and a small hairy yapping rat. Had they put up a tent on the pitch for the kids to sleep in I could have understood it, but no. It looked as if there were three home-made hammocks mounted side by side high up in the back for the kids, and I can only assume one adult slept across the three back seats and the other across the two cab seats. Somewhere in there overnight must also have been room for the dogs. But hey, they're doing it their way with the budget they can afford, and I totally empathise with that, I just don't think it's very fair on the kids, or especially the dogs to live like that.

As soon as they arrived the kids were down at the pool and in a short space of time had it to themselves as others chose to leave given the noise they were making. If they weren't at the pool they were running riot in, out, and around the toilet and laundry block. And if it wasn't them making the noise then it was the dogs.

Not having to type anything for the blog I was freed up sufficiently to join the English couple a few doors down outside the bar for a drink and a bit of conversation. They've been here a number of times before and told us about the main church in the village which was worth a look, and so this morning we were up in good time, scrubbed up and out to the village of El Rocio in the hope we could be back before it got too hot.

On the way out we noticed that the neighbours of the Feral French were packing up ready to leave and you can't blame them.

Before they had the long very hot summer down here in southern Spain, there had been a lake which would have set the village off a treat. However, it had dried up which is such a shame. Outside the entrance to the church was a list of can't-do's whilst inside. In fact looking at them all there wasn't much you could do. The church opened at 10:00 and we were the first through the doors, though we were soon joined by others. The ban on all types of cameras and phones went out of the window straight away, so I though 'Right then, if you can then so can I'.

After walking around more of the village we made our way to the supermarket where we bought a fresh rack of ribs which we intend to barbecue tonight.The best thing to happen today was that as we arrived back at the campsite the Feral French Family were packing up and leaving. Deep joy, and as a result we have enjoyed a very peaceful, but hot afternoon with the temperature hovering around 35 degrees C.

With all the chores done, including changing our 'GB' sticker on the back of the vehicle to a 'UK' one, as now required by the EU, and we are now ready to leave tomorrow heading for Seville which isn't far away. We've been there before and liked it and this time we are hoping to again get tickets for a flamenco performance.

Oh, I forgot to mention the gas boiler packed up again on Monday right after we used the barbecue, so it seems to be a gas supply or pressure problem. Fingers crossed we can coax it back in to life when we use the barbie again this evening.