6. May, 2022


FRIDAY 6-05-22

Last night wasn't a good night. We spent it on a Truckstop just north of Vierzon on the A71. It wasn't a very big one, which was the problem. As we approached it we were barred from parking with the cars because of a height restriction bar, and were therefore forced to join the HGV's. Most of the spaces were already taken and so I parked us at the back of one which was in front of some grass on the edge of the parking area.

When things began to get busy with the HGV's coming off the road we were being asked if we were moving or that we should move, to which I refused, explaining that we were forced to share their area because of a height restriction for the car park, and therefore we had every right to be there. The drivers were ok about it once they realised I wouldn't move.

In the end I reversed the vehicle even further back with the back end overhanging the grassed area so that an HGV could park carefully in front of us within the parking space. But nobody took up the opportunity.

After The Chef's fine dining offering of homemade stew with a can of potatoes we watched three episodes of 'The Windsors' on DVD.

Unfortunately just before bed time we were joined by a refrigeration unit two spaces down which had its engine running full power all night. Needless to say we didn't sleep as well as we could have and The Chef had very little sleep. No matter, this morning I awoke to the sound of a cuckoo, something I haven't heard since our first visit to Greece, and before that as a kid in the fields behind where I grew up.

Scrubbed up and a baguette purchased from the shop, we were on the road heading further south to Hautefort, in the Dordogne region. 'IT' wanted us to come off just south of Limoges and travel south on a minor road, but I decided to go a bit further and approach it from the south using the A89 toll road.

We had a late lunch after we arrived here at the aire behind the Town Hall cum hotel (N45.260438° E1.147125°), a lovely peaceful spot with nice views. Chateau de Hautefort towers above us, and we plan to visit it tomorrow.

Having had a nap after lunch to make amends for the missed sleep last night, we had a walk back down the road to the supermarket we had passed on our approach to this site (N45.266769 E1.137260). It was well stocked, and next door is its garage selling cheap fuel, so rather than leave empty handed we bought a six-pack of beer. When we leave here, probably Sunday morning we'll stop by to top up the fuel tank and buy some bits and pieces before heading off again.

So now we've done the hard work of getting down here, we can relax and get in to a 'normal' routine.

This evenings offering from The Chef will be accompanied by a couple of glasses of the cheap frog glug I bought yesterday. Whilst some ladies go for a facial scrub I go for a stomach scrub, in that the wine I drink will remove a layer of my stomach lining.