10. May, 2022


TUESDAY 10-05-22

Oh how nice it's been to have a 'nothing' day. We both slept well and I enjoyed my breakfast sat out in the sunshine. Temperatures here have climbed, and the forecast is for the coming days to be in the upper twenty's centigrade.

After scrubbing up in the unisex shower block we both did some hand washing and hung it out on our folding clothes airer. This offers us a 'tree-free' option when a washing line can't be strung up, or is banned.

Predictably most of our neighbours are French Citizens, which roughly translated means 'Jealous, untrustworthy friends and allies', but we do have one or two Brits without dogs, a Belgian and some Swiss.

We set about the housework before putting our feet up and enjoying the sunshine. I did venture out with the camera a couple of times to try and get a picture of the little train which runs between here and the chateau complex, but without success. I'll take a look online and see if there's a picture of it on there.

We have decided not to go further south to Cahors. At Perigueux we reminded ourselves how much we hate going to large towns and cities, though looking at Google Maps I think even our satnav would have taken us down the A20 toll road and then south of the city to the Camperstop, but rather than risk further disappointment we'll make our way up to Souillac which will be the start of our run westwards along the river Dordogne, though we'll be deviating a bit from time to time.

I've been sat outside reading 'Billy Connolly - Tall Tales & Wee Stories' a paperback The Chef bought me for Christmas I think it was. I think Billy and Al Murray, the Pub Landlord, are the funniest stand-up's in the business, and though vulgar on stage, both are very clever men in their own right.  Sadly Billy has retired from live stage performances due to his Parkinson's disease, which can't be a lot of fun to deal with.

So this evening The Chef will be creating her own sauce for a Spag Bol, and I'm going to do it justice by opening one of just three bottles of red wine I bought over with us, which will give the 5ltr box of red drain cleaner the night off.

My 12Gb 3-Mobile data SIM card has now given up as I have used 6Gb outside of the UK under their 'Fair Usage' policy. Well fair for them I'm sure, but not for their customers. I was hoping to buy a French data SIM card in Perigueux but that didn't quite work out. I'll now have to find a way if using up the other 6Gb on the 'old' card back in the UK. I have three more 3-Mobile SIM cards onboard and have had to activate one of them. Another 12Gb card, which it has already informed me, only 6Gb are available to me, and this time rather than having 12 months to use it up, I have just one month. So that's me done with 3-Mobile, in fact all UK mobile companies with such policies.

Tomorrow we have to make our way back along the narrow winding narrow road back to civilisation at the toll road where we'll then head for a supermarket for a big top up of food and drink before making for either a Camperstop or campsite, both of which are on the Travelscript but we have yet to decide which option to choose.