14. May, 2022


SATURDAY 14-05-22

It took us a while to get off to sleep last night as we had noisy neighbours, Yanks with a Dutch registered panel van conversion. She's got a mouth the size of Texas, and if that wasn't bad enough they invited the Jockenese couple across the way and another Brit couple from somewhere else on the site. Predictably as the evening went on they got louder. Unfortunately the small campsite map doesn't state when the quiet hours are, but I was going to give them until 23:00 before I went out and had a Victor Meldrew moment with them. As it was, they packed up at 22:30.

We had a bit of a lie in this morning before going across to the bathroom block for a scrub-up. They have unisex shower cubicles her each of which is accessed from the outside wall of the building which is quite convenient, though if it turned really cold would be a bit chilly given the amount of ventilation on the top and bottom of the doors.

As I walked back to our pitch, next door had their van's side windows wide open so I couldn't miss the opportunity to turn towards the van and say loudly enough for them to hear "Noisy Fu**ers".

This morning we walked back along the road to La Roque-Gageac Although I consider ourselves to be there, we are in fact about half a mile down the road in a tiny community called Vézac.

It was a nice walk, though a bit hairy due to the lack of a path in places leaving us to walk on a narrow grass verge.

They were selling rides on the flat-bottomed 'pirate' boats for a five-kilometre trip along the river for about €11.50 a ticket. Had it been raining and we had nothing better to do we'd have played tourist on it, but the weather has been glorious again with temperatures touching 29°C, which is far too hot for us to enjoy in all honesty, though we are able to take shade under the wind-out awning or seek the shade around the vehicle as the sun moves round. Next door was a canoe hire company and we have modified our plans to take in a paddle down the river on Monday morning.

So much of today has been lazing around 'at home' enjoying the peace and sounds of 'Mother Nature'.

Back home my darling Chef buys her fresh fruit under ripe. This is a great ploy by the supermarkets as they can sell it under-ripe and the customer ripens it for them , thus saving on warehouse space. Unfortunately she's found it hard to break with the practise and when we shopped in E Leclerc supermarket back in Souillac, we bought some fairly green bananas, some pears for me and some kiwi fruit. Two of the bananas have already been eaten, and the two remaining are going spotty, but I'm afraid the kiwi and pears are still rock hard. I don't think they'll be ready to eat until we reach the Bay of Biscay.

This evening's fine dining experience was a barbie in which I played the part of the 'Turner of Charred Remains'. The French burgers were nothing special. Just compressed minced beef, dry, with no seasoning and very lean which is their big mistake. But hey, what do the French really know about good food?

We have thunderstorms forecast tomorrow, developing during the afternoon, and so tomorrow we plan to set out across the field at the back and head towards the Chateau at Castenaud, which we can clearly see. Our new Brit neighbours on the other side of us have done it on a previous visit here and reckon it's about an hour's walk. If we achieve it we will have saved ourselves the hassle of parking the motorhome up there, as it is on our list of planned locations.

Our plan for Monday is to leave here in the morning, park up at the motorhome parking area next to the canoe hire, have a paddle for a couple of hours, then head off to our next destination.

One good thing about being here in France right now is that we'll we spared having to watch the Eurovision Song Contest tonight, an important night for the misfits in the world of showbiz. I suppose the only certainties are that Ukraine will win by a landslide, and the UK will come last as usual.