18. May, 2022


WEDNESDAY 18-05-22

We were rather  pleased with ourselves yesterday when we managed to bag a pitch right beside the river. However during the night we were blessed with a pretty much constant chorus from, I must assume, frogs. What a loud noise it was too. I don't think we got a lot of sleep at all.

This morning was a another bright sunny warm one. In fact as the day progressed I think it became our hottest day yet, recording 32°C.

We spent the morning doing a few chores and reading our books, before preparing ourselves for a our two-hour canoe experience.

We had made the booking through Reception, and imagined that it would be with the company down the road next to the Motorhome parking area. But no, this was a smaller company whose base was further down the road before descending down a farm track. I don't think they have a website, but they're called 'Canoe Vacances'. I was hoping to get at least one pair of double paddles, but no, just two ordinary paddles. The Chef had been keen to sit in the back, and so I agreed which was the wrong thing to do. After we pushed off I gave her the general idea of what happens to the canoe with each different action of the paddles, but oh dear. The trip was to be nine kilometres long but given that we spent so much time zig-zagging across the river, I think we managed to squeeze in about eleven. It got so bad at one point that I told her if we couldn't sort it out we would have to return because we were a danger to ourselves given there are petrol powered tourists boats ploughing up and down the river.

The depth of the river varied continually and at one point we finished up grounded on gravel and had to just push ourselves off using the bottom of the oars. There were other forces acting on the canoe as well. Sometimes we'd be going with the current and pretty much just drifting, and sometimes we'd hit a patch of water which tried to spin us around. And there were times when I'd be paddling frantically over on Rosina's side only to look back and find her paddling backwards or had got her oar in acting as a brake. 'An uncoordinated effort'  would be the politest way of putting it. Never mind, it was a box ticked and experience, and all for thirty Euros all in, though we did give the driver coming back a couple of Euros as a thanks for the lift back to the campsite.

Once back we headed to the bar for two beers. Amazingly they don't take the money, they just add it to your camping bill, which you pay on leaving the site.

This evening we had another barbecue, though we've gone off French burgers. They seem so dry. Maybe they're made with mince that's too lean, and they have no seasoning. We'll have to look at an alternative. We do have the means to make our own sausages and burgers from trusted meat suppliers.

Today has been a stinker and we have every available window and hatch wide open and have an electric fan running. Still, at least the evenings become far more bearable later in the evening if we sit outside.

I have no photographs today, just a few short video clips I'm about to attempt to piece together taken with a cheap version of the GoPro camera. In fact thinking about it, although I've had it two or three years, today was its first outing.