19. May, 2022


THURSDAY 19-05-22

I'm pleased I took a look at the weather app on my phone yesterday evening because it gave a warning for thunderstorms right up until midnight tonight, and yet the hour-by-hour summary made no mention of them. As usual we put the awning away rather than leave it to the mercy of wind and torrential rain, something most other campers don't bother about. The chairs were put back in their covers but just slid under the vehicle, and the mat was, as always left to fend for itself.

About midnight we got a spell of thunderstorms and heavy rain, but it was nothing like as bad as a few nights ago. It did though have the benefit of silencing the frogs in the river.

It remained hot all night and we really wanted to wash the sheets today but didn't dare take the risk of them getting another soaking sometime today. Never mind, we'll get them done at the weekend, weather permitting.

It's been a restful day, we don't have many of them when we're travelling, but we've made a conscious effort to slow the pace down a bit on this one otherwise we'll be home before we know it. Plus given the high temperatures, we really don't want to be on Camperstops sat on tarmac when we could be at a campsite. There is an aire/Camperstop attached to this campsite. Each camper has a small patch of grass (which is a luxury for a Camperstop) and pay €10 a night. We on the other hand, have large grass pitches with much needed shade from trees, access to the swimming pool, toilet block and a bar/cafe, and all for an extra six Euros. For me there are times when it just isn't appropriate to penny-pinch.

The campervan with two man-haters in it who were parked next to us yesterday have this morning moved to another pitch away from the river. I guess the noise from the frogs was all too much for them. In their place have come a young couple with one of those small folding tents mounted on the roof of their car. I think they're a really neat idea, especially if you're fearful of being eaten by lions. It will be  interesting how well the cope with our croaking mating neighbours on the river tonight.

Speaking of Campervans I think I may have come up with a compromise as to their use. I make no secret of my hatred of them. I think they are an outrageous price for what you get, and little living space, but around here driving one of those would make life so much sweeter. But each to their own - stick with me on this one.

Over the way, we have a big class 'A' motorhome with a TAG (double) axle at the back. It's a long vehicle, and this guy clearly hasn't been using some of the roads that we've been on around here, but then he probably hasn't got a Snooper satnav.

When he arrived a few days ago (during the gobby Yank & Jockanese era), he bagged a large corner plot, then started unloading his toys. He became a Billy No Mates, never the less, what he did have was a hammock, which unfortunately for him, due to the trees being too close together, left him sagging almost to the ground looking like a half-opened penknife.

The other toy he had was a three-wheeled motorbike (two wheels at the front and one at the back) which he transports around in a small secure trailer. Now that caught my attention.

Given that Campervan owners have no interior living space to speak of and must have to litter the floor of their vehicle when in transit with barbies, awnings, chairs etc thus making it impossible for them to move about in the back without climbing all over their kit - why not tow a small trailer?

Something like the one 'Billy No Mates' has would be perfect for carrying all the 'stuff' which lies on the floor of a Campervan. Things like bikes, a nylon awning which would attach to the side of the vehicle to create the very much needed living space, a barbie, chairs, bikes (to save having to weight them down on a bracket on the Campervan rear doors) or if you wish, go the whole hog and throw in a petrol scooter.

For those who have funds for just one vehicle, but wish to use it for travelling and holidays, this could be a great combination. Park up, unhitch the trailer, get the toys out, erect the drive-away awning, and then relax, knowing that the following day the trailer can be left behind, whilst the Campervan is used as a 'car' for visiting the local attractions, and when back home is available for those mid-week dogging meetings.

Tomorrow we are off, but there's been another change of plan. Rather than go to Limeuil on this side of the river, which looks like a pretty, but small community, we're going south to Monpazier, which is supposed to be nice, where we'll probably spend the night on their small aire before heading for a campsite at Bergerac for les weekend.