21. May, 2022


SATURDAY 21-05-22

Well it was a peaceful enough night. There weren't that many of us in the camping area. Even though yesterday was their first day open for the summer season, many pitches had yet to have the grass cut. There was no sign of families, just us old gits.

Looking for the main dump station I came across it near the main entrance. It had, of all things, a toilet cassette emptier and cleaner. Obviously you have to take the cap off first, but then it looks as if the cassette tips up within the machine so that the contents are emptied before it is then rinsed and dried, and all for the princely sum of two Euros.

There were more ways of getting campers to part with their money including two small, industrial quality dishwashers mounted one above the other which campers who don't want to break their nails can use for two Euros, and then there was a fridge locker which could be rented with a large fridge unit for three Euros fifty a day or twenty Euros a week. The one good thing they did have was bike hire, including electric bikes which would have been a boon to folk like us. Had we stayed there we could have hired a couple and biked back down the road to Saint Emilion for a look round.

We were back on the road about 09:00, heading for Pauillac in the Medoc wine growing region, north of Bordeaux on a finger of land which juts up in to the Bay of Biscay. We passed by Saint Emilion again and today it was much quieter, though it was only just after nine o'clock. This time The Chef had armed herself with the little pocket camera we keep in the glove compartment for such uses. She bagged a few pictures along the way, which will hopefully give guests a bit of a feel for the countryside we travelled through today. There was even one vineyard using two shire horses to work the field, so maybe they were a 'Bio' vineyard or something.

The journey around Bordeaux was very busy, as you'd expect but thankfully all that section was driven on motorways. Our ultimate destination was the Municipal Camping site just south of Pauillac by the side of the very wide River Garonne, which just south of the town splits in to two to become the Garonne and Dordogne rivers.

As we got closer to Pauillac I remembered how the Municipal campsite we'd tried  to use back on the Dordogne was closed, and I suddenly hoped this one would be open, as there aren't too many campsites around here. We were in luck and arrived here at the Municipal Camping site (N45.185183° W0.742508°) late morning.

We didn't hurry to get set up which was a shame really because when it came to plug in to the campsite electricity supply it didn't work. A Frenchman in a chalet next to us had plugged his VW electric van in to the supply to charge and tripped it. The Chef went back to Reception to sort it but by then it had just turned 12:00, time for lunch and a siesta, so we couldn't get it sorted until 14:00. As a temporary measure I plugged us in to the electricity supply for the pitches across the road which meant trailing our lead across the road of hot tarmac, and the risk of other vehicles running over it.

We're both very pleased with our pitch. It's costing us twenty Euros a night including a 10% ACSI discount and the usual local taxes. We're going to stay for two nights moving on Monday morning in to Pauillac to park up for a look round. We'll also look at booking a tour of a vineyard. Then we'll probably go to another campsite further up the road on the main north to south tourists route before travelling through more of the wine region.

There is a vehicle ferry that crosses the Garonne from Pointe de Grave in the north of the peninsular, across to Bac Royan. If it's reasonably priced and we can find out how to book, we'll use it because it will save us having to go back south and round on the mainland.

It's been another very hot day. It's now 17:15 and the interior temperature of the vehicle is 32°C, with all the windows and vents open and an electric fan on.

This evening will be spent relaxing, and maybe we'll watch a couple more episodes of oddly enough 'Episodes' on DVD. We are expecting more thunderstorms starting at about 05:00, so I'll be roof-skylight-above-the-bed monitor again.