29. May, 2022


SUNDAY 29-05-22

I forgot to mention last night that while we were down in the Maritime Museum area, we could hear what sounded like a large football crowd, and the noise was slowly getting louder and louder. It continued in to the evening. I even went on to Google maps to see if there was a large football stadium in the vicinity, but I couldn't find one. The cheers and roar of the excited crowd lasted all evening, the game must have ended about 21:00 because lots of supporters were driving home with their horns blaring. We turned in with the noise in our ears.

In the run up to midnight we could hear police sirens, and then what sounded like the police dogs arriving. I think things finally settled down about 02:30.

This morning our next door neighbour told us that yesterday afternoon the city was rammed full of rugby fans. There were large TV screens around public areas as well as bars having their own big-screen TV's on to attract the punters in. So I went on to the BBC website, clicked Sport/Rugby and discovered that last night was the Heineken Champions Cup being played in Marseille between the local La Rochelle team and Leinster, a team from Ireland. La Rochelle won the game 24-21, hence all the excitement.

This morning I did some hand washing the hard way. There is one main toilet block open but it has only cold water due to a malfunction with the boiler. The second block just two doors down from us has, as a consequence, very well used showers and hand basins, and a very locked laundry room. So there I was this morning washing my clothes in the motorhome stooped down outside the bathroom, using hot water from the shower head hung in a bucket which was placed in the shower tray. Anyhow I got it all done and hung out on the airer before we went out. But I do object to having to do it that way when we're paying for the facilities which should be provided.

As we approached the harbour we spotted the tide was out and many small craft sat on the sandy beach within the port.

Through the entrance to the Old City we went, and enjoyed a nice wander. We were surprised that a number of businesses were open and trading in the morning. They weren't very busy at all, but they were open. We even passed a shop selling lovely looking cakes, all of which were about four pounds each. Some of them were so lovely that it would have been a shame to have destroyed them by eating.

Then we came across the covered market with numerous stalls open outside. We like that sort of thing, and I love to see the magnificent array of colours on fruit and vegetable stalls both here and in Spain. Then in to the covered market, where predictably I lost The Chef. My darling woman has the gift of disappearing in an instant. She even does it back home. I turn round in Waitrose and she's suddenly not there, I hunt all of the aisles and there's still no sign of her. How she does it I have no idea.

Our wandering around the city would have been more meaningful if my tour guide for the day - The Chef, had remembered to bring the city map we went to great lengths to pick up yesterday. Never mind.

When it started to get hot we picked up a baguette and headed back 'home' for lunch.

In the afternoon I got my ironing done while The Chef sunned herself, and why not.

Later we went for a walk around the marina opposite the campsite, which is in fact the main marina for the city. It was vast. No one picture could possibly get it all in. There must have been literally thousands of moorings there. Having followed it round we came across the beach area. It was all very nice, and a lovely location for young families.

This evening we are enduring enjoying loud amplified music and chat from the port area. Our neighbour tells us that the victorious rugby team are due back in town for a celebration. Well I can't begrudge them that. After all the French aren't very good at winning anything really, and so we mustn't piss on their chips, but instead allow them to wallow in their moment of glory.