30. May, 2022


MONDAY 30-05-22

Ooohhhhh it was another late night. Last night it was the celebration of La Rochelle's rugby team bringing the trophy back to the masses in a hyped up show around the harbour during the evening. Unfortunately the evening spread in to the wee small hours.

This morning the intension was to have a shower in the campsites only shower block with hot water, which was only two doors down from us. I was the first away, but soon returned. The shower and toilet block is basically a temporary Portacabin building with substandard fitments to match. The shower cubicles were a raised shower tray with just enough room within the cubicle to stand between the shower tray and the door. Then the user had to juggle the separate hot and cold taps to get the correct temperature, whilst at the same time using the shower curtain so as not to get the tiny standing area wet.

I returned and decided to have a trip wash instead. We'd have had a shower in the motorhome but we would have needed to heat the water to 60°C from scratch.

I decided last night that today I would have a 'day off', in that I would not take a camera out with me. I had after all, taken enough photographs yesterday and it was unlikely that I would find anything new that was worthy of taking a picture of.

On our way out we said goodbye to our UK neighbours who were leaving this morning heading for home. It felt rather nice walking around not having to look for a potential photograph, and I was able to give my darling Chef my undivided attention.

We wandered around pretty much the same territory that we covered yesterday. The city (only because it has a cathedral) was very much quieter than it had been over the past couple of days, though surprisingly many businesses remained closed. Even the covered market with its exterior stalls was almost non-existent. I guess they all made their money over the weekend and decided not to open today.

We had in mind to have lunch out, and The Chef fancied trying crepes whilst we were here. In the end what we did was bought a lovely filled baguette from the same place we bought yesterdays baguette which we filled ourselves 'at home' for lunch yesterday. Then it was off to the nearby park (yup, today she's remembered the tourists map) where we sat in the sunshine and enjoyed half each. We didn't want a big lunch because we intended to follow it up with a crepe.

With that devoured we wandered back in to town. By then it was about 13:30 and nearing the end of the French 'lunch, beer and a lie down afterwards' period.

Coming in to town we'd spotted a potential eatery serving crepes, and so we made for that. Having sat down and waited we approached by les chubby waiter who pointed to a small sign on the table which informed us we needed to order using a mobile phone. Jesus! What's up with these people? What's so hard about treating a customer like a customer? I just told him we didn't have a phone with us, so he flipped out his notepad and took the order. These damned waiters will be working from home next.

So in good time we were each presented with a coffee with hot milk, and a crepe with sugar and lemon (just like home, only we call them pancakes and they're a damned site cheaper). The Chef and I were guessing how much it would come to, and I said given the location and its popularity we wouldn't get much change out of twenty Euros. When we asked for the bill, he told us how much it was in Frogspeak and The Chef gave him a twenty Euro note. He went away for the change. When he came back I told him to keep it. Given that his eyes didn't start watering at our gratitude and generosity I guess the change didn't amount to much. The Chef was a bit put out that I didn't check how much change he was giving us before telling him he could keep it. But hey, how often do you get to play a flash git?

Soon after that we made our way back 'home' where we, that is The Chef, cracked on with some chores. I was occupying myself with amending the Travelscript before discussing with Rosina our options for where we go after this.

This evenings fine dining experience was to be a barbecue. However I had seen a sign somewhere telling us minions that they were banned, though from previous experience gas barbecues are usually exempt. Rather than risk breaking the rules I popped up to Reception. Dear Lord, the lass up there was so slow. I think I reached the front of the queue after about forty-five minutes, just to ask a thirty-second question, and yes gas barbecues were permitted.

So a barbie it was, followed by our getting the vehicle as ready as we could for hitting the road tomorrow.

We've very much enjoyed our visit here to La Rochelle, though we do look forward to getting a proper, quiet night's sleep tonight. Fingers crossed.

I'm adding just one picture tonight, taken while I'm barbecuing, and only because a picture will separate today's text from tomorrows.