31. May, 2022


TUESDAY 31-05-22

It was indeed a peaceful night, though The Chef heard a bit from the Yoof around midnight. I suspect the acoustics around the harbour area amplify any noise made in that area.

We were up in good time this morning. There was everything to dump and a fresh water tank to fill. Once again we had a shower indoors sparing us the grief of using the campsite facilities. Municipal Camping Le Soleil (N46.150737° W1.158235°) was in a great location but it's toilet blocks were quite unacceptable. This morning the toilet cassette dump rooms were both locked leaving me to walk back up towards our pitch and pour it in to a bodged facility by the side of the campsite roadway. Quite why they would want to lock such rooms is beyond me.

Back on the road, our first stop was at the local Carrefour supermarket (N46.138429° W1.143937°). It was nothing special in all honesty, but it did give us the chance to have a stock-up before we headed north.

Today we were heading for Pornic. The Satnav, 'IT', told us that it was a journey of about one-hundred miles, but would take us over three hours to complete. But somehow or other it wasn't far out, even though a chunk of it was done on a toll road.

Eventually we arrived at the aire here at Pornic (N47.120681° W2.091668°). It's on the edge of town and has a dump station which is really good. It only has space for seven vehicles, so it's a nice size.

After arriving we decided to rest in the heat of the afternoon sun and have a wander in to town later in the day when it should be cooler.

At this point I'd normally give you a bit about where we're visiting, but today I won't bother. One of the guidebooks for this coastline is a Marco Polo publication 'French Atlantic Coast'. Talk about bumming a place up. It really is naughty. People like us pay good money for such publications to get the low-down on what a place is like, and from that, make a judgement on whether or not it's worth a visit.  All I will tell you is that according to the book: The residents of this most important and probably loveliest resort (pop 14,000) on the Côte de Jade once travelled as far as Newfoundland to catch cod. We'll leave it there.

Pornic was in and out, in and out, on the Travelscript, and we only put it back in days ago, only because we were passing right by it to our next destination.

At 16:30 we wandered in to town for a look round. It was nothing special in all honesty, and I'm so pleased we hadn't made a special effort to come and visit.

It was a pretty long walk to town and to soften the blow for the uphill return, we treated ourselves to a nice ice cream before setting out.

This evening whilst I type this dross, The Chef is having a look at our options further north, as we are indeed slowly on our way home.

For me the biggest benefit to being away from home is that we'll miss the Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebrations. Reading the internet news I see some tabloid daily comic newspapers are accusing the authorities of being petty minded about plans to stage street parties etc. When I was the manager for the Ambulance Service in Cambridge City and South Cambs, I always stipulated that any street party applicant MUST have manned barriers which can be quickly and easily opened to allow the passage of any emergency vehicle. Furthermore, it must be possible to clear a route for an emergency vehicle quickly if neccesary. We would also want the mobile number of the person applying for the permit so that we could contact them if required. I have to say I never had any problems from organisers of any event I made that stipulation to, they understood that need and were very responsible people. Imaging the headlines in those trash newspapers if something goes wrong big time due to an emergency vehicle not being able to get where it needed and lives were lost.

And finally, I take great comfort in reading somewhere that to be truly inclusive, and to embrace The Commonwealth in those celebrations, India has decided to have a mass sing-along involving millions of its citizens especially for Her Majesty. It is to be headed by the well know Indian TV celebrity, Mahatmacoat Shingh, and his fragrant wife, Jasmine 'T', who will both host a show called 'Sing, Sing, Sing, with Shingh & Shingh.