Our introduction to motor home adventures goes back to 2005 when we began three years of research and planning having concluding that such a lifestyle would be the perfect way to tour America, the real America, visiting areas off the regular tourist routes.

In 2008 at the age of 58 I took a very belated 'gap year' from working life and Rosina and I undertook two 90-day trips in our American motorhome which we had flown out to Texas and purchased in July 2007.

A year before my retirement at age 65 we purchased our current European motorhome, 'Freddie Fendt' as his first owners called him.

The purpose of this website is to share our experiences,and provide a source of information to others contemplating similar trips and giving a feel for the motorhome lifestyle.

Some of the entries are long-winded, but look on the postive side -it's cheaper than buying a book.

At some time in the future I will revisit the text on all trips with a view to reduce it down and improve the quality of the writing.

We are aware that not everyone is as fortunate as ourselves; currently we enjoy good health and are able to rob the piggy-bank to fund such trips.

Many folk may wish to undertake such adventures, but find themselves unable to because of health, wealth, or personal circumstances. To those folk we say ‘Use your imagination, click your mouse, and join us as a very welcomed fellow traveller’.